Dr. Memory
_drsys_sysnum_t Struct Reference

#include <drsyscall.h>

Data Fields

int number
int secondary

Detailed Description

Representation of a system call number.

Field Documentation

◆ number

int _drsys_sysnum_t::number

Either the sole system call number by itself (in which case secondary will be zero), or the primary component of a two-part system call number number.secondary.

For MacOS, whether 32-bit or 64-bit, we normalize the system call number to a positive integer with the top 8 bits set to 0x1 for a Mach system call, 0x3 for Machdep, and 0x0 for BSD (allowing the direct use of SYS_ constants). Access the raw eax register in the pre-syscall event to view the unmodified number, whose encoding varies depending on the bitwidth and interrupt vector used.

◆ secondary

int _drsys_sysnum_t::secondary

Secondary component of number.secondary, or zero.

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