Dr. Memory
_drfuzz_fault_thread_state_t Struct Reference

#include <drfuzz.h>

Data Fields

thread_id_t thread_id
uint faults_observed
uint fault_count

Detailed Description

Records the state of a thread at the time a fault occurred on that thread, or at the time the thread is aborted due to application crash. Faults recorded in the state at the time of a crash are not necessarily responsible for the crash.

Currently only the first and last faults will be provided in the faults array.

Field Documentation

◆ fault_count

uint _drfuzz_fault_thread_state_t::fault_count

The number of elements in the faults array.

◆ faults

drfuzz_fault_t* _drfuzz_fault_thread_state_t::faults

The array of faults.

◆ faults_observed

uint _drfuzz_fault_thread_state_t::faults_observed

The number of critical faults that occurred in the chain, starting with the first fault that occurred while executing a fuzz target, and including all faults that occurred until the thread exited.

◆ targets

drfuzz_target_iterator_t* _drfuzz_fault_thread_state_t::targets

An iterable list of the fuzz targets that were live on the call stack when the first fault in the chain occurred (innermost stack frame first).

◆ thread_id

thread_id_t _drfuzz_fault_thread_state_t::thread_id

The thread ID.

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