Dr. Memory
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Installing on Linux

System Requirements

For uninitialized read detection which is not yet supported by Dr. Memory for 64-bit applications, ensure your Linux installation is able to build 32-bit applications. On 64-bit Ubuntu you will want these packages:

sudo apt-get install g++-multilib

On Ubuntu older than 13.04, the ia32-libs package should also be installed. On 13.04 and higher, 32-bit libraries must be chosen individually, but normally they are installed by default in most distributions.


Download the .tar.gz version of Dr. Memory. Untar the package into a directory of your choice:

tar xzf DrMemory-Linux-X.X.X-X.tar.gz

Now either place the bin subdirectory of the Dr. Memory directory structure on your PATH, or invoke Dr. Memory via its full path.